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Our Code of Conduct



The ARX commitment is to put our customers first. We understand that providing excellent services is the heart and soul of our enterprise. It is an essential prerequisite for success in the telecommunication business that customers fully entrust us with their network. If we are not viewing business from our customers point of view - or even if they, for any valid reason, believe we are not - then ARX can not prosper. We will suffer, for example, if our customers cannot assume that:

        • Our analysis and solutions to their requirements are accurate and to the point
        • Our efforts strive to represent the best independent solutions for their needs rather than our preferences, or those of our partners and suppliers
        • There are no hidden agendas in any of our undertakings



At ARX, we expect all employees to be champions of integrity, common sense and ethical behavior. Because trust is at the very foundation of our relationships with our customers,  we promise to keep our commitments, act at the highest standards of ethical and business conduct and pursue our company goals solely through honorable manner.



We hold ourselves to a very high standard of performance and never stop asking how we can make the customer experience better. Creative thinking is prized and low-value initiatives avoided.



While we embrace individuality, we celebrate diversity and champion carefully listening when others speak. We trust in the positive intentions of others and know that we create value - to our customers and society -  as a team.