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Markets are coming closer together and require more interaction amongst people from different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. ARX understands that it is part of a worldwide economy and actively harnesses diversity. We believe that our differences enable us to be more creative, competitive and open to change. Our experienced telecommunications specialists, civil engineers and human resource specialists represent a wide cross spectrum of skill sets and complimentary nationalities. These professionals have extensive past private sector experience with leading telecom companies, as well as extensive and unmatched ground experience in the Middle-East. Our staff is comprised of professionals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines and the United States.  Most significantly, ARXs principal officers have also been directly involved and associated with the emergent Middle Eastern telecommunications sector. Their unmatched skill sets encompass the following:

  • Extensive Regional Background and Technical Expertise
  • Leadership Team and Project Managers with Unmatched Experience¬†
  • Well Recognized Telecommunications Experience and Engineering Skills
  • Well-Established Industrial Telecommunications and Regional Government Contacts and Partnerships
  • Personnel with Multinational and Ethnic Backgrounds (Europe, Asia, and North America)
  • Diverse and Multi-disciplined Telecommunications Skills