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Network Design & Planning

Maximizing coverage, increasing capacity and minimizing capital expenditure - We are proud to offer you our complete radio network planning and design services for both; the coverage and the backbone sites. From the initial site nominal planning to the final site acquisition, our expert engineers and technicians, along with our flexible and robust network planning tools, are capable to plan and optimize the most complex networks and services. Whether its voice, data or video; relying on our continuously evolving and proven strategies and timely services will convince you and your customers that we are the right choice.

Do you have to check the readiness of a new base station site? We will provide you with a technical team capable of conducting a detailed Site Survey report and listing any observations and document corrective actions if required.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with some of our following Design & Planning services:

  • Site Nominal Planning
  • Site Survey (RF and Microwave)
  • Site Acquisition
  • MW Transmission Network Design (MW Frequency Planning, Link Analysis)
  • Traffic and Coverage Analysis
  • Site Selection (Candidate Ranking)
  • System Design (Frequency Planning, Link Budgeting, Data Transcript Preparation)