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Site Development Services

Developing your Communication Tower Infrastructure

Are you about to build or extend your communication tower infrastructure? Consider the ARX Build-to-Suit program where we can quickly develop your tower infrastructure. Our experienced project management team, along with our engineers, technicians and supports ensure that all aspects of the process - from the initial site acquisition to the final equipment placing and testing -are achieved on budget and target.

Crews with Experience

With over 150 high loading capacity sites constructed throughout the Middle-East, our crews posses the needed experience to show results in a demanding arena.  


Why not build a tower in a location of your choosing – without tying up your capital. Conserve your resources and let us design and construct tower sites for all of your wireless application needs, regardless of size, height or location. We use our resources to develop the site and lease it back to you.  Be assured that sites build by us meet code specifications. Our financial stability makes us a safe bet and ensures that we are able to handle all the difficult bits that make offering finance the easy option. Contact us to find out more about our Site Development Service, or look into our Tower Leasing option.