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Network Buildout

At ARX, we understand that implementing a new or building out an existing network is not a simple matter of adding base stations and switches. Rather, we focus on seamless and total system implementation.  That is why we take a holistic approach to wireless network build outs. Whether it's deployment, integration, optimization or validation - our engineers ensure that efficiency is optimized so that new applications and services can be introduced without disruption. The result: An always efficient system that meets the dynamic needs of a rapidly expanding industry - one that keeps your expenses low and your subscribers happy.

Faster Time-To-Revenue

Are you investing in capabilities in order to be more efficient? With ARX your investment is safe. Our experienced resources take on the host of challenges for you an get your system up and running quickly - with the assurance that it delivers optimal performance from the start.

Keeping An Eye On Your Cost Of Ownership

Deployment expenditures make the biggest share of your network start-up or build out costs. A better deployment job results in more savings. ARX is proud of its proven track record of utilizing best-practice, cost-efficient, bottom-line-focused deployment methods.

Installation, Commissioning and Integration Services

Is your network comprised of a variety of systems and subsystems, all of which are critical to create the services and features you want to deliver to your subscribers? We promise that with each site that our trained and experienced field engineers install, commission or integrate, we apply the highest industry standards and practices.

Winning Project Management

We believe that successful project management requires not only a solid education, but also vast practical experience. We are proud that ARX is staffed by people who planned and built out cellular networks throughout the Middle-East and, combined, posses hundreds of years of full life cycle telecommunication experience.